Postira - Island Brač

Postira - Island BracThe village of Postira is located on the northern coast of the island of Brač. It is connected with nearby villages Pučišća, Splitska and Dol as well as with the city of Supetar with the road, where local bus lines operate. The city of Postira has a total population of 1.500 inhabitants. The main activities are fishing, agriculture, and tourism. Home products are olive oil and local wine. Postira is a little Mediterranean town located on the northern side of the island Brač, 8 kilometers from Supetar and on the half way between Pučišća and Splitska. Postira has many ancient remains among them is a basilica in Lovrečina, a bay, 4 km away from the center of Postira, with clear water springs and a very beautiful sandy beach which is accessible both by land or by sea. Take a ferry from Split and once you arrive to Supetar, be sure to visit Splitska on your way to Postira.
Island Brač really has a lot to offer, so make sure you plan your summer vacation accordingly. Next to the Postira harbour there are the beaches Prvija and Zastivanje. Beach Mala Lozna is on the east end of Postira village and far more to the east, there is a very attractive sand beach, Lovrečina. Near Lovrečina beach there are the ruins of a large early Christian basilica from the 5th-6th century. There are 3 hotels and many private apartments in Postira. Near the port there is a supermarket, bakery, bank, post and market. There are also many bars, restaurants and tourist information centers in the village center.

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Dol - ethno village

Dol - Island BracDol is a small picturesque village situated only 2 km south of Postira, located at the top of the fertile valley that stretches from the coastline. Dol is famous for its tradition of old style building houses on island Brac, with roofs covered with stone slabs. Dol has only about 200 inhabitants engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. In Dol there is a tradition of church singing, which is older than 400 years. The settlement was first mentioned in the 14th century, but its roots are even older, which is testified with old churches on surrounding hills. The most famous churches are St. Michael's church and St.Peter's church, located on the hill above the village, with a small steeple and the oldest bell on the island Brač.

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